Integrative nutrition coaching


In your first session we will define your goals, trouble areas and personal lifestyle limitations as well as positive aspects to expand upon. In following sessions I can propose : 

  • A tailored program to help you adapt your nutrition style
  • grocery shopping,
  • cleaning-up your cupboard
  • personalized cooking plan with recipes and suggestions, according to your culture and preferences.

Are you an individual looking for personal support on your journey to health through food? I can prepare a tailored program to help you adapt your nutrition style and understand new universes of food so that you become familiar with various products, methods and approaches.

Discover new ways to make healthy eating more fun and more easily integrated into your daily life. Tailored to your personal lifestyle and preferences, together we make shopping, cooking and eating more fun and ofcourse healthy!

My goal is to make you totally independent in your consumer role, stimulate your curiosity to know more and to question what you are told by product marketers and be strong in your choices when it comes to food.

Private coaching can also cover grocery shopping, cleaning-up your cupboard or personalized cooking suggestions, according to your culture and preferences.


Anna-Maria Formentini

Integrative Nutrition Coach

My children are my current inspiration and motivation to take action in my home.

I worked on sustainable consumption and responsible lifestyles at the institutional level and for international organisations. This gave me a knowledge that, at a certain point in my professional life, I wanted to use to impact the community around me: I co-founded Eat Fresh, a Hong-Kong-based home delivery service of organic local vegetables.

I am now based in France and, through the newly-founded Easy Healthy, my mission still remains to advocate conscious nutrition. Thanks to my studies in Integrative Nutrition at IIN (a cutting-edge nutrition school), I embraced the concept of bio-individuality through holistic approach. I do believe that each of us needs to find his own healthy nutrition style, with pleasure and curiosity.

This private session is offered at the following locations :

  • or
  • Chatou
  • or
  • Client’s home
  • SESSION : 1 hour
  • DATES & TIMES : Weekdays 10h-16h Weekends Dimanche apres midi
  • LANGUAGES : English, Italian or French