Coaching :: Stress Rehab


Make stress your ally!

If you feel you have been fighting the current it is time to find your flow!

  • Stress from your private or professional life or both

  • You will learn tools for relaxation & breathing techniques

  • We will take an honest look at where and how you can make some lifestyle changes and identify your common stress causes.


Le stress n’est pas notre ennemi. Il est indispensable à notre vie, à notre apprentissage et à notre réussite. Ce qui compte c’est de savoir se reposer et recharger, de changer notre regard sur la situation et d’en tirer le maximum. 

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Misa Derhy yoga therapy

Misa Derhy

Coach, Yoga teacher

This private session is offered at the following locations :

  • or
  • Maisons Lafitte – yoga studio
  • DATES & TIMES : Thursdays or Saturdays
  • LANGUAGES : English or French