Nathalie Gerard

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The Traditional Reiki allows you to reach a state of deep relaxation of body and mind, which gets established sustainably during the sessions.

Thus, gradually, muscle tension and pain, uncontrolled emotional reactions or various other symptoms related to stress (insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, depressed, fears …) subside and give way to a more serene inner state, which provides you a better insight into the difficulties of life. Reiki does work on the symptoms themselves, but on the causes of these symptoms, ie your resistance to reality, often unconscious conditioned mechanisms.

Gradually, as the relaxation sets in and your anxiety reduces , you become more open, more confident and you gain dynamism and confidence. You feel much better about yourself, with others and with life in general. Your intellectual performance also improves, because your mind is no longer tormented by compulsive thoughts, often negative. My support through the Traditional Reiki anchors you in the present, in reality and in yourself … and paves the way for your true inner potential ressources

Nathalie Gerard


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