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Hello and Bonjour
My name is Leona and I am a “Self Love Expert”. I would love to share a little bit about me. Perhaps a piece of my sharing will resonate with your heart and I will be given the honour of assisting you to BE more connected with you.

Once upon a time there was a young girl from British Columbia who had many dreams, dreams of being a dancer and a model, dreams of being famous. She always saw herself on stage. This was her refuge. Yet her reality did not support her dreams. Her parents did their best with what they had yet they were young and inexperienced when it came to living the life of their dreams. Their own lives had been difficult. So much so they did not know how to love, especially to love themselves, this eventually lead to the demise of their marriage. This did not change this young girls dreams and it made her even more determined despite the obstacles in front of her. She worked hard and everyday after school she would make her way to the restaurant where she would serve tables, just so she could afford dance lessons. She took acting and dance in school, trying her best to move ahead. Now being the oldest sibling of three and only having a mother around to support them was trying most of the time. It did make it difficult most of the time. This little girl who was now a teenager decided she wanted to be a beauty queen. Now here was here opportunity, so she begged and pleaded with her mother and her aunt to make it happen so, they gathered what beautiful things they had and what little money they made and entered her into the “Miss White Rock Pageant.” How dreams do come true. This young lady was now on top of the world, standing side by side all of these magical young ladies. Again the odds were against her, yet she was determined. After winning the talent competition, she was a sure thing for the title. The night came that determined who would be crowned Miss White Rock. Her mother and aunt stood nervously by as the seconds ticked. In the back the judges were counting the votes, it was clear this young woman was to win. So what was the problem? As overheard by this young ladies mother, the problem was that this young lady would not make a good example to the community as her mother was divorced and on welfare, so it was determined the crown would go to the runner up and not this young lady.

Looking back now, it sounds like such a simple story yet in the heart of this young woman it changed the course of her future. What was beauty? How was she to measure herself? How did others measure her beauty? This was crushing to her self confidence and her self-esteem. Little did she know that this moment would be the cornerstone of the rest of her life. I would like to introduce to this young woman many years later. Her name is Leona Wallace and she is a Self Love Expert, a Guide to your heart, the author of a little yet powerful book entitled “Your Self Love Guide” and an Inspirational Speaker. She is also the designer and creator of Divine Beauty Experiences. Experiences that will shift and positively impact your life forever. The premise behind them is to enrich and deepen the most important relationship that you will ever have and that is the relationship you have with self. Allow Leona to guide you and assist you as she holds your hand as you step off this cliff into a new space of Self Love.

Leona now lives in France and she is living the life of her dreams. She is married to the man of her dreams and has two amazing sons from her first marriage. She is able to assist women and men all over the world from this loving environment that she has created by creating a loving and supportive environment for you to grow and deepen this new relationship with you.

She guides you back to your Heart. She believes that “Self Love” is the fundamental foundational piece for success in all areas of your life. Without this strong foundation of Self Love, everything you build will eventually fall apart. She also believes a women’s true power comes from being in her feminine power. She guides women through Heart Connection techniques that assist you in discovering your truth, your beauty, and your power.

This is her purpose. To show you the way back to “your” true essence of love through your heart.

One of her most beautiful gifts is to Divinely Guide and Inspire women to “Awaken Their Inner Beauty”. Within her experiences she will share with you tools and processes to Awaken your feminine power so you may bring more balance into your life. To really BE connected through your heart and your body and integrate with your Divine Higher Self. Also to tap into your essence which leads you to live a more full life. You will also grow and learn from her as she leads from example in a loving and supportive environment. You will awaken and then transform into the very best woman that you can “BE”.

Welcome to your Self Love Evolution.

Leona Wallace


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