Creative Therapist

Creative Therapist

The approach I use is

designed to inspire both children and adults with or without temporary or longterm disabilities or inner struggles. It will always be trauma informed and adapted to cater to both individual and group needs, depending on what feels comfortable for the individual and based on predetermined objectives.


General objectives

Personal health & wellness

Personal creativity

Bringing about of critical behavioural changes

Independance and resiliance

Bringing about of critical behavioral changes

Confidence building

Developement of individual creative style

Sensory intergation


Group objectives

Opportunity for collaborative creations

Development of social interaction

Life skills

Community development


How ?

Interaction through expressive arts using :

Sensory motor skillls

A diversity of art techniques and materials : drawing, painting, sculpture, with diverse materials, ceramics, puppet-making, sewing etc

Percussion instruments, songs, dances based on traditional, régional dances.

Most of these techniques find their roots in universal music patterns and social practices as well as artisanal crafts and trades.

ns and social practices as well as artisanal crafts and trades.

My narrative –
Bear foot, 
carving boats out of floating wood, 
collecting red earth from the African Limpopo riverbed 

to make home-made clay, 

watching yellow weaver birds build their shell-like nests.
Creating masks, 
lino cuts, 
and many other exciting objects during my primary school art club.

All this is what I believe INITIALLY brought me to practice as the enthusiastic art therapist I am today.

Perhaps this is why I so highly recommend using one's 5 senses to their optimum in art-making ;
to help us feel better, within ourselves,
to learn how to live with what Life has dealt us.

                                Member of the British Association of Art Therapists.