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Connie-Lee is a Holistic Psychotherapist combining multiple techniques both mainstream (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), family and couple (systemic) therapy ) and holistic practices (humanistic therapies, law of attraction, meridian psychotherapy, cellular reprogramming and angel card readings)

Have you ever had the feeling where you have felt on top of the world? I like to call this feeling your ‘heart singing’.

This ‘feeling’ was the driving force behind my creation of Meraki Therapy. I wanted to help people create that feeling in their everyday lives. I once heard that there are many roads up a mountain but we are all trying to reach the same top. We are all in search of happiness and the truth. My hope is that we find this truth, this lifetime if it is possible, but we are all on this crazy journey together. This is where Meraki Therapy comes in!

What makes me different:

  • I work with what resonates with you – I believe that the uniqueness of each person is what makes them beautiful. This individuality is what makes each person special. This is why I don’t believe in using one specific therapy technique but I believe in tailoring each therapy session to suit the needs of each client.
  • It is fun to find out who we truly are – One thing I am learning is to stop being so hard on myself. One of the ways I am learning to do this has been a result of me learning that the more I find out about who I am, the more I am in appreciation of how special and unique I am. I have started to enjoy this process of discovery. The more fun I have with myself and my human side the more courage I have to step into creating a life I love.
  • Peace and acceptance – I work under the principle that everything is exactly as it should be and you are exactly where you should be. All you are and have been through has lead you to this exciting moment. It is to embrace the past, learn its lessons so we can walk in peace in the future.
  • It is a shared active experience – I am on this journey with you. We actively work together in looking for ways to access all of who you are and deal with what you’re going through.
  • Flexibility – Not only is life unpredictable but in today’s society working hours vary which is why my  hours are flexible and as such can work around you.

#psychodynamics, #cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), #cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), #interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), #family and couple (systemic) therapy

Connie-Lee BENNETT


Phone: 07 83 93 25 31
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