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Life Coach
RPT therapist
Reiki Master
Certification of completion “Basics of Psychology”
Certificate of completion “Abundance Manifestation”


ABOUT ME : Aliya


qualities: skilled diagnostician, thorough practitioner, empowering coach

Having made big jumps myself (with successful landing!), I provide a holistic approach (coaching + psychology + innovation +healing) on how to find back your inner resources, so you can make any jump you want and finally get 100% of this life!.

I BELEIVE that we come here, to this planet, to live in Abundance. So if you are not living this Abundant life right now, it simply means that between you right now and your true nature there are obstacles. THAT IS WHAT WE WORK ON: to clear up your true self from any kind of blocks, traumas, so then you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

IMPORTANT: I do not provide a solution, I help you to find it on your own.

I do not teach you how to program yourself on how to be happier, better, more successful etc Instead, you get access to your inner source of energy, that completely changes your inner state; I do not help you how to find the best way around the problems. No, instead we face them and deal with them, so you do not have them EVER again in your life.



– you will get a permanent result: literally once and for all
– you achieve your goal much faster: a couple of sessions, instead of wasting YEARS of your life
– you achieve more with less effort: no more negative emotions, that you carry with you all around
– you’ll be able to get rid of bad habits
– to discover your true life passion and finally start acting on it
– get rid of the fear of public speaking
– let go and feel much better forever about a dramatic event from your past etc.

– responsibility for the result: i can show you the way but only you can make a step
– deep work: we are going to deal with your emotions ,not only actions.
– holistic approach: understand that while working on one big question, we will have to work on the other related fields as well.
– intention: with every little cell of your body you want to bring this Big Positive change to your life. you are ready to Live Fully now.

Example: here is a big picture of how we’ll work if you have a big goal to achieve:

* Firstly, we make sure that it is a truly desired goal of yours, and that you are not just trying to make someone else happy.
* Secondly, we understand what’s stopping you from the desired result.
* Then, we dig deep and you finally get rid of these obstacles forever.
* You use your uncovered inner resources to achieve any goal you want and to live more Fulfilled Life!

*skype: Bigjumpcoaching
*meeting in person in Paris. For more information, please, send me a private message here or
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