Save Life Space!

Life Space is in trouble! We need your help!

We have created something really special here and I hope we can keep it going!

For the first time since our launch Jan 2015 we are facing the possibility of not being able to pay our rent over the summer (July and August). Last year we supplemented ‘the quiet period” with the Byron Katie event. This year the hope was the Annuaire would fill the gap. For the moment it is falling far short!


Ofcourse donations are always a possibility! 😉

How can you help?

Here are the 4 greatest helps needed:

1) Reserve your rooms for the fall!

We understand why there are so few activities over the summer, but please help us by reserving your spots now for the fall :

:: Online Reservation System for one reservation

If you plan to reserve rooms at Life Space, we are also now asking you to purchase 3 reservations minimum per year. You can use them anytime throughout your membership year.  Ofcourse you can always reserve more!
:: Click here for details & to advance purchase your 3 reservations.


2) Annuaire !

Order your insertion or ad in the annuaire AND we ask that each of you find atleast 3 persons, places, shops, professionals to purchase insertions or ads in the Annuaire. We are still looking for a sponsor too if you have a good relationship with a shop or company that has a marketing budget please talk to them or introduce us so that we can!

:: Order Your Insertion/Listing Here
:: Order Your Ad Placement Here
:: Download the Media Kit to share and sell spaces!

3) Co-Working

One of the reasons we are so behind this summer is we have lost 2 of our co-working clients. Please spread the word about our co-working offer!

  • Share this link on facebook or in an email :
  • or Download this Image (right click save image) and share in an email or to a friend, etc.

4) Pay your Membership Fees and Past due Invoices!

Volunteers will be contacting you if you have overdue balances. Please make payments as soon as possible!