Room Reservations







  • You must be a member of Life Space to Reserve Rooms for your activities
  • Hourly reservations. Only available for weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 9h00 – 18h00
  • Evenings and weekends still require a 4 hour reservation even if you do not intend to use the whole 4 hours.
  • Advance booking. All reservations must now be made by trimester.
    Bookings for :
    JAN/FEB/MAR must be made by DEC 15
    APRIL/MAY/JUNE must be made by MARCH 15
    JULY/AUG/SEPT must be made by JUNE 15
    OCT/NOV/DEC must be made by SEPT 15
    You may book for the entire year in advance
  • Payments online (preferred)– Reservations can be paid online with a credit card or paypal account.
  • Payment by check or transfer – If you wish to use another form of payment (check or virement)
    – You must purchase a minimum of 3 reservations per paiement (120€)
    – Your reservation will not be held until the payment has been received.
    – Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a coupon code to enter into the online reservation system
  • Keys – If your event is during non-business hours (Mon-Fri 10h-17h or weekends), please make arrangements to pick up keys during business hours. You may pick up keys 48 hours in advance.  YOU ARE RESPONSABLE FOR REACHING OUT TO LIFE SPACE TO ARRANGE KEYS! PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE DAY OF THE EVENT AND EXPECT US TO ARRIVE!
  • Don’t forget to enter your event on the Life Space website (it will then be added to Facebook and other social media by Life Space)
  • How to make Cancelations – Use the website “My Account/Room Reservations” under “My Appointments” you will see a list of all your reservations. If it is 2 weeks or more prior to your event you will see a button “Cancel” beside your reservation. If it is less than 2 weeks “not available” will replace the button and you must contact us to make the cancelation
  • Cancelations 2 weeks in advance – You may cancel up to 2 weeks prior to the date. You will not be refunded but the payment will be held for your next reservation. Upon canceling you should receive a “coupon code” to be used for your next reservation.
  • Cancelations less than 2 weeks in advance to the event there is no refund unless the space is taken by another member.
  • Cancellations – It is your obligation to contact and inform attendees and verify it has been removed from the website and facebook. (You will be added as a co-host on the facebook event and can then hide or cancel the event yourself)
  • Questions regarding your Reservation? Please email