Infinity Club Workshops

The amazing workshops included in your infinity club membership.

New workshops are being added regularly and planned weekdays, evenings and weekends to fit all schedules. Please feel free to request a workshop be repeated if you are unable to attend the current dates.

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Enneagram : Use this powerful tool to better know your personality and those around you. These workshops focus on different aspects of your life such as relationships, time management, dealing with difficult people…

Stress : Our coaches offer different solutions for stress reduction. Find the right one for you and start living in peace!

Life Coaching : Focus on specific areas of your life you wish to change and improve.

Time management : Learn to be more efficient with practical tool kits and simple ways to integrate them into your daily life.

Expat Coaching : How to thrive in an international environment.



Easy Healthy Coaching : solutions for re-igniting your cooking and consuming habits! Not just what and how to cook but how to easily integrate them into your daily life

Easy healthy snacks for kids

Vegetables – New recipes and pointers specific to France and to your own eating habits and preferences.

My kitchen and shopping – Help with setting up your kitchen and how to shop in France to make life easier and healthier

Cooking Classes : Cooking from around the world. Come together to make a meal from a different country each time.

Yoga Cooking Class : Yoga is not just postures but a whole lifestyle. Learn Yoga principles and recipes!

Ayurveda Cooking class :  Learn the different recipes and reasons behind this ancient and powerful practice.


Introduction to meditation : Learn what it is, how to get started and why do it!

Art and Meditation : Using arts and crafts as a meditation



Energy Healing : Initiation to self healing

Sound therapy : Group healing through live music

Crystals and Stones : Learn about different crystals and stones and their healing properties based on your own needs and energy

Essential Oils : Multiple themes workshops on uses of essential oils

Yoga Therapy & Fundamentals : Different from an ongoing class these workshops will present yoga postures but also explain the yoga teachings in more detail and on specific issues.



ACIM Study Group : Join the group to assist each other in following the self study psychological spiritual teaching, A Course in Miracles.

Mooji Satsangs : Join together to watch live or recorded Mooji Satsangs (meditations and Q&A)

We will be adding new workshops every month. Following are those offered in March & April.