Life Space Groups

Life Space Groups are only different from workshops and other events in that they meet on a regular basis (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly…) and revolve around a theme.

Some groups are organized by professionals while others are organized by a member passionate about the subject wishing to meet with a like-minded community on a regular basis.

There are no fixed rules for the group, each group has their own conditions as to whether they accept new members of the group throughout the year or requires joining at set periods of the year. Please read the details of each group and contact the group organizer directly regarding the details of the specific group.

Following is a list of groups forming in the fall at Life Space. Once exact dates have been set for a group they will be posted in the event calendar. Some groups will be waiting for a minimum number of members before starting, it is imparative to use the form to ‘pre-sign up’ for a group to start.

Don’t hesitate to propose organizing your own group!