About Life Space

Life space


Life Space is a unique new concept in shared community space where you can pursue your projects, explore your creativity, connect with others, and have access to resources and information to transform your life. Life Space is a non-profit organization and does not endorse any particular philosophy or lifestyle. Rather, through education and information, Life Space seeks to inspire, assist and empower people to be architects of their own life transformations.


Life Space believes that if we have the time, space and support, any kind of change is possible. By refocusing our energies and making positive changes, we can choose more fulfilling paths and enhance the quality of our lives. We strive to provide the tools to assist you. We are open to your ideas! Please share your needs with us and we will see what we can do.


We develop our own workshops and activities as well as inviting our Pro Members to present their speciality through workshops, classes and individual sessions

Life Space is …

A Community for those looking to transform their lives

A Space to meet others, browse the library, meditate, attend workshops, bring your projects to life

A Network of 80+ wellness professionals serving the community

A Program of workshops and activities in wellness, personal development, spirituality and creativity

How to participate?

We are an Association Loi 1901 registered in Saint Germain en Laye. We operate on a membership basis with two levels of membership :

Active Members

The first step towards a better life

Anyone wishing to explore approaches to wellness and personal transformation. Become a member to profit from special member only events and services

Pro Members

Spread your wisdom

Local wellness professionals from coaches and yoga instructors to Reiki masters and therapists, if you offer a service through workshops, classes or private sessions, join Life Space today to make your area of work better understood and more available to the public.


Join our team of volunteers to help spread the goodness! As a non-profit we depend on your help for organizing events and running our daily operations. Use the link below to Send us a message and let us know you woul be interested in a volunteer position

Attend a workshop or other event

You do not need to be a member to attend workshops and events. However, we do have Life Space organized events (as apposed to the events proposed by our pro member experts) that are free to members such asthe Activate Your Life Series.

See Events Calendar

Monthly Member Gathering

Each month we propose an opportunity to meet with other members. The day and time change each month to fit our varied schedules. We propose movie nights, brunches, happy hours, picnics, etc and sometimes invite pro members to offer free demonstrations or activities. But the main purpose is to get to know each other, share experiences, recommendations and simply have fun!

The monthly member gatherings are announced on the private member facebook group and by email.


Attend our Open House

Stop in to meet the pro members and attend mini workshops and presentations such as cooking classes (and tastings!) massage, coaching, meditation and more!

Join a group to meet others with similar goals, interests or practices.

Why join a group?

  • Accountability: meeting regularly with the same people is a way of reminding and holding you to your practice, goals, hobbies and your true desires.
  • Choice: Make a choice as to what really matters for you. Your commitment to a group is your commitment to your self to invest your time in something important to you
  • Motivation
  • Support

Check out the groups available now or organize and propose your own group!